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What makes us different

There are a lot of Christian publishers out there. Why does the world need another one?

We believe that Wide Margin is different for lots of reasons, but here are two important ones.

First, we are different because we promote opportunity. There's a growing awareness in the Church that we need to be listening to new voices, particularly those voices we've ignored so far - the voices of the poor, the marginalised, and the Global South. At a time when Christianity is growing fastest outside of the traditional centers of Europe and North America, new leaders and authors are emerging with interesting things to say to the Church as a whole. But how will they get the opportunity to be heard?

Traditional publishing operates by making a large initial investment in producing and promoting a book - often tens of thousands of dollars - and then recouping that investment though large numbers of sales. For a traditional publisher, a book that's not going to sell by the thousands is not worth printing. This means that first-time authors and those without a following already in the Christian "scene" find it difficult to make their work available to a wider audience.

We use on-demand publishing technology and our unique web production system to reduce setup costs to a few hundred dollars, making short runs far less risky and allowing us to be generous in our commissioning policies. We can then focus on first-time authors from the West and unknown authors from the rest of the world and give them the opportunities we believe that they deserve.

Second, we're different because we promote dialogue. We don't want our books to be a one-way experience, like a sermon from the clouds: that doesn't help you, and we don't believe it helps our authors either.

So we keep them honest, by putting our books through a rigorous peer-review process. We collect errors and counter-arguments from our readers and encourage our authors to integrate them into future editions. And we provide space for discussion where you can interact with our authors and staff.

Those are our main distinctives, but we don't want to keep them to ourselves. In fact, you can have them too...