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Upward Outward Inward Training Video (Digital Download)

$ 50.69

Now is the time for the harvest.
The fields are white for harvest.

When the harvest season comes, it’s not the time to be sowing seed.
It’s time to go out into the fields and gather in the harvest.

When you begin to serve others, going out into the fields to fulfill the mission God has given you, the harvest will be so great you won’t believe it.

Upward Outward Inward training is a simple, catalytic training program. Those who have decided in the field to obey God’s call to love their neighbor are trained in the field. It’s a simple structure, which allows anyone, anywhere, any time to pass on the baton of discipleship. It’s based not on in-depth study but on a catalytic relationship with God, which allows you to step out without losing your way.

Upward Outward Inward training will teach you how to have “upward” conversations with God which open the door for grace to flow in; how to testify to the world “outward”, and open the door for grace to flow out; and how to encourage those in your “inward” circle who are the channel for grace to flow around.

So, let’s take the Upward Outward Inward keys of discipleship, and head out into the harvest fields.

Price: $ 50.69

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