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Getting your books reviewed

We find that reviews are one of the best ways to make people aware of our books. We're a small company and we depend a lot on word-of-mouth sales, recommendations and hand-selling, rather than large promotional campaigns, to get our message across. We're always grateful when people like Jay Stiegelmeyer and Scott Cheatham write about our books - especially if they like them! (Looks like they do!)

That's why I'm very impressed by a new resource from Step-by-Step Self Publishing, the "Official Indie Book Reviewer List"; it lists some of the leading blogs and sites which will review small press and self-published books for free. If you're producing books as an author or as a small press publisher, it looks like a great - and incredibly reasonably priced! - way to get your message out to a wider audience.

Thanks for mentioning this resource!

Thanks Simon, I appreciate you mentioning this resource. I saw your interview with Red Adept, too, it was a good interview; very insightful. It's nice to know how reviewers think, because it's hard for me to keep my website up-to-date, since so many reviewers come and go. But it's good-- the first edition of the reviewer guide is probably going to earn back its production cost (about $350). I've sold about 100 copies at 99 cents, so I think it will be a hit eventually, once enough people know about this resource.

Thanks again!